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A pivotal member of Split Enz, Suburban Reptiles, The Swingers and Schnell Fenster,

Phil Judd's incredible career has long been the great untold story

of New Zealand pop music - until now...

Tape #1 - Childhood
"I was kind of old-school"
Tape #3 - Split Ends
"I was coming from a totally different place"
Tape #5 - The Menace
"It's just what comes out of me I guess"
Tape #7 - Mental Notes
"Just out of the blue on a bipolar high"
Tape #9 - Enz in England
"The rot set in for some of us"
Tape #11 - Suburban Reptiles
"It was great to actually rock out a bit"
Tape #13 - Counting The Beat
"It was an inspirational moment"
Tape #15 - Practical Jokers
"I just didn't have my head screwed on"
Tape #17 - Schnell Fenster
"You're too slick, too crafted"
Tape #19 - Being Bipolar
"You have to grow to accept it, or else"
Tape #2 - Art School
"It was just obvious there was magic"
Tape #4 - Halcyon Days
"The day Tim and I saw it all"
Tape #6 - Buck-a-Heads
"It was novel, it was variety, it was different"
Tape #8 - Spike
"That's being bipolar in the music business"
Tape #10 - Leaving Split Enz
"It was all over in a flash"
Tape #12 - The Swingers
"Suddenly bits of songs started appearing"
Tape #14 - Off To Australia
"Nobody expected it...straight to #1"
Tape #16 - Private Lives
"It was a burnt out candle by that stage"
Tape #18 - Mr Phudd
"Suddenly you're not in the team anymore"
Tape #20 - Today
"My heart's in it"
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