Conversations For Change (9min)
The first in a series of videos for "Like Minds Like Mine", a nationwide programme designed to counter stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness.
Hospice West Auckland (4min)
A recruitment video for Hospice West Auckland, featuring their world-class facilities and palliative care specialists.
James Watson Park Redevelopment (4min)
A brief overview of the three-stage process undertaken by Auckland City Council and Otara's local community.
Amnesty International NZ (1min)
One of a series of web-videos highlighting the work of volunteers for Amnesty International NZ.
Where Wine Comes From (4min)
One of three short videos produced for Murray Street Vineyards in South Australia's Barossa Valley.
Bill and Doreen Ogston (5min)
In this excerpt from extended family-history interviews, Bill and Doreen Ogston tell the story of how they first met.
Summit Road Resthouses (1min)
One of a series of short films that tell the story of Christchurch's famous Summit Road.
Katskan (1min)
Explosive music-video for the anarchic Dunedin-based punk duo 'Katskan'.
Okuti Garden (2min)
Anna takes a look around the Okuti Garden eco-retreat, in one of a series of promotional videos called 'The Offside Guides'.
Twelve Hours Watching The Clock (19min)
Armchair-philosopher Jamie Storie tests his perception of time - by staring at a clock non-stop for twelve hours!
The Twelve Tasks (19min)
Jamie Storie takes his investigation into our perception of time further - by attempting twelve difficult tasks in twelve hours.
Zen (8min)
Comedic short-film, in which a silent meditation retreat attendee's inner-world is thrown into chaos when he discovers his wallet is missing.