Bill Direen - A Memory of Others (Trailer)
2017 NZ International Film Festival
For more than 40 years Bill Direen's extraordinary artistic career has encompassed the diverse fields of rock and folk music, poetry, theatre and long-form prose.  This lively documentary provides an accessible entry-point into Direen's unique work and approach, as it follows him on a national tour throughout New Zealand's physical and cultural landscape.
Philip Dadson: Sonics From Scratch (Trailer)
2015 NZ International Film Festival, Montreal Fine Arts Festival, Sky Arts, Air NZ

A comprehensive portrait of one of New Zealand's great experimental artists.

Sonics From Scratch tracks the intersection of Philip Dadson’s art practice with the development of From Scratch over some thirty years, from his early involvement with scratch orchestra in London in the late 1960s through to the present.

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Sheen of Gold (Trailer)
2013 NZ International Film Festival, Sky Arts, Air NZ
A revealing and moving tribute to one of this country's most influential and eclectic rock groups - the incomparable Skeptics.  Starting with their unlikely origins in Palmerston North, Sheen of Gold traces the Skeptics' development into a unique and powerful electronic/rock hybrid, a rapid progression sadly cut short by the premature death of singer David D'Ath.
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Antarctic Angels and the Unknown Blues (Full-length 52min)
Together with their equally-infamous biker mates the Antarctic Angels, the Unknown Blues band made such an impact in the conservative deep south they continued to be talked about decades later.  Based around the band's first full reunion in forty years, this film is a unashamedly parochial and often hilarious tale of New Zealand's emerging counter-culture, as told by the trailblazers themselves.
Gone With The Weird (Trailer)
2011 NZ International Film Festival
Squirm were central to Christchurch's vibrant underground rock scene in the 1990s, releasing an EP and two albums worth of fantastically drugged-out art-punk before fading into obscurity.  Gone With The Weird is an affectionate tribute to both a band worthy of rediscovery and to the fertile punk underground that spawned them. 
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Rumble & Bang (Trailer)
2011 NZ International Film Festival
Rumble & Bang reintroduces Chants R&B, a short-lived seminal garage rock combo that thrived in 1960s Christchurch. Featuring pristine archival footage from their Stage Door heyday, as well as new recordings from the band’s 2010 reunion, Rumble & Bang proves that there was a relevant musical underground in New Zealand long before the days of Flying Nun.
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